GP Screw Pin Dee Shackle


GP Screw Pin Dee Shackle

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It is essential to use only high quality shackles in any mooring assembly. BGD recommend use of the following ‘screw pin’ types, BS 3032 Dee or Bow (manufactured to British Standard) – Green Pin Dee or Bow (manufactured to US Federal Specification) or the following ‘safety’ shackles Green Pin Dee or Bow (manufactured to US Federal Specification). We offer ‘Test Certificates’ with these types of shackle.

Best practice is to use a shackle that is at least one size larger than the chain.


Commercial Shackles

  • These ‘low cost’ shackles are unsuitable for lifting, overhead suspension or mooring applications.
  • Screw pin shackles offered are generally zinc plated.
  • If used in a salt water environment they require very frequent inspection.

The above information is offered by BGD to advise of the shortcomings of the product

Claims are made that there are some high quality Commercial Shackles – we have yet to see one.

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