Mooring Anchors

Admiralty Pattern Mooring Anchors are specifically designed for use with permanent mooring
installations, they provide a high holding power option for various mooring configurations and are
widely used for a number of commercial applications including fish farms, pontoon contractors and harbour authorities.

Admiralty Pattern Mooring Anchors can be supplied either flat pack or ready welded. We have recently added a version that bolts together, this is currently only available in the 50 and 150kg sizes, other sizes will be available soon. Admiralty Anchors are generally used in pairs.

Mushroom Anchors, as will be seen by the picture the anchor is shaped like an upside-down
mushroom and dependant on the seabed they are used as a permanent mooring anchor for a wide range of vessels, including lightships, barges and yachts.
It is most suitable for use where the bottom consists of soft mud, silt or sand. In these conditions it
will bury itself and achieve very high holding power. It should always be used with appropriately sized chain. Mushroom Anchors are generally used in pairs.

We often have a stock of used anchors that are suitable for mooring applications, weights usually range from 400 to 1000kgs. Unfortunately, these are only available on an ‘as and when’ basis.

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