Rope Explained

Rope ‘A length of thick strong cord made by twisting together strands of hemp, sisal, nylon, or similar material.’ So few words to show for centuries of use and development!

Evidence suggests that the use and manufacture of rope goes back as far as 28,000 years, this is indicated by impressions of cordage that have been found on carbon dated fired clay in Europe. The ancient Egyptians however were the first to develop tools for making rope in around 3500 BC.

Today, rope is used in so many applications that there are just too many to list. Here at BGD, we specialize in heavy duty ropes used within the marine environment including, boat and navigational moorings. yacht and commercial vessel berthing, fishing, aquaculture, agriculture and towage.

We have a full-time specialist rope splicing unit engaged in producing bespoke mooring/berthing lines for a variety of uses, this unit is trained by an ex-Royal Dockyard rigger, they work on customer requirements from a single bespoke berthing spring to one hundred mooring tethers for a yacht club’s mooring trot. Our riggers splice in either three stand or multiplait rope of any type.

Almost all rope can be spliced to form eyes, (known as soft eyes). For hard eyes, rope is passed round a thimble, (an elliptical shaped form made from mainly steel or nylon). This gives added support and protection to the rope when used in heavy lifting or pulling situations.

Being flexible, strong, pliable, and resistant to many elements, rope has to be up there with some of the best inventions ever produced.

If you are looking for rope to suit a particular application or need rope lines made up to suit your needs, or just need some advice, then please call our experienced team.

Rope is one of our primary products, consequently we stock many tons which equates to several miles of various types with sizes ranging from 6 to 76mm.

Types of rope include:
• Nylon – 3 and 8 Strand
• Polyester – 3 and 8 Strand
• Polysteel – 3 and 8 Strand
• Polypropylene – 3 Strand
• Polyethylene – 3 Strand
• Double Braid (Sheet rope)
• Double Braid (Halyard rope)
• Double Braid Polyester pre-spliced mooring lines.

We also stock – ‘Wear Sleeve’ – which prevents chafe and wear on ropes – made from the same material used on industrial lifting slings – slides over the rope – ideal for use within a soft eye or where the rope passes through fairleads.

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