The FenderStep is the world’s finest yacht boarding aid, it was the patented invention of a yachtsman named Malcomb Perrins, who having seen the need set out to design a unique multipurpose product to meet the heavy duty demands that would be required of it. The result was a wonderfully simple device that is both safe and practical.
Dan-Fender of Denmark were quick to recognise the potential of the product, fortunately they also had production facilities and expertise to manufacture the FenderStep in the large quantities required to meet the anticipated worldwide demand.
Other manufacturers have tried to emulate the FenderStep with little success, the original is seen in marinas and harbours throughout the world. Available colours are white, blue or navy blue.
FenderStep now has a stablemate called Fender2step designed for those craft with higher topsides.

{loadposition fendersteps}


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