Delivery Information


(A) Any date named by the Company for dispatch or delivery is given and intended as an estimate only and is not to be the essence of the Contract. The buyer shall nevertheless be bound to accept the goods ordered whether available on or after the date stated. The company shall not be liable in any way in any in respect of late dispatch or delivery however caused nor shall such failure to dispatch be deemed to be a breach of the Contract. ‘Mere drawings, specifications, instructions, and materials are to be supplied by the buyer: the buyer shall supply the same in a reasonable time to enable the Seller to dispatch within the period named.
(B) The company may: at its discretion: make installment deliveries and each delivery shall constitute a separate order for the purpose of payment. 
(C) Delivery may be at a place requested by the customer, however: it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that unloading facility and personnel e available to unload the delivery vehicle promptly. EE there is undue delay in unloading the delivery vehicle or no personnel available to unload are-delivery charge equivalent to the original charge will be made.

Damage or Loss In Transit

No claim for damage or corrosion in transit or shortage of delivery of goods will be entertained unless a separate notice in writing is given to the company and/or carrier concerned within three days of receipt of the goods followed by a complete claim in suiting to the Company within five days of receipt of the goods.


No claim for loss or non-delivery of goods will be entertained unless a claim in writing is received by the Company within seven days of the invoice data.

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